Air Source  Heat Pump
Installation in Appleton Whisk

Appleton Whisk is a loverly little Village North of Northallerton.

The property is the 1900s 2 bedroom cottage in the center of the village. It was not the most well-insulated property but with our past experiences, we knew an Air Source Heat Pump would do the job.

The customer was desperate to see the back of his LPG system and the rising costs. We sized up and designed the system, a 7KW LG Monobloc Unit was required with a 170L hot water Cylinder along with a 25L buffer and 7 new radiators.

We always insist on replacing all central heating pipework to ensure the well-being of the system, an unclean and Gunged up system will never run efficiently, and it’s always best to start from scratch when installing a heat pump.

After the final commissioning and hand over to the customer, we arrange a time to call around and assist with the RHI Payment application form.

I personally regularly message or call just to see how things are going and any feedback on how the system is performing. This customer is delighted with the service we provided, and has booked Blackwood Heating in for yearly servicing.

Days on the job

Coffee breaks


Reduced carbon footprint


Improved performance

Below are some pictures and some information on a job we carried in Appleton Wiske, Northallerton.
If you would like to make an enquiry for this kind of job, please don’t hesitate to do so and we are happy to assist you.