Ground Source Heat Pump Installation Hartlepool

Are you looking for a more efficient form of heating? Blackwood Heating Ltd install and maintain ground source heat pumps in Hartlepool and the surrounding areas. Ground Source Heat Pumps are designed to provide up to 100% of a property’s central heating and hot water requirements by using electricity to convert the thermal energy stored. So if you’re looking for Ground Source Heat Pump Installation Hartlepool, then look no further.

Why choose a ground source heat pump

Ground Source Heat Pumps can be used as an affordable alternative to conventional heating systems.

They are classified as renewable systems because they generate up to 5 times more heat than the electrical energy the consume.

Ground Source Heat Pumps can be installed onto your current radiators as well underfloor heating.

Ground Source Heat pumps are a proven method of increasing energy efficiency.

Looking for alternatives?

Ground Source Heat Pumps usually cost more than Air Source Heat pumps due to the groundworks requirements to bury the necessary pipework. The Pipework is buried around the property at a depth where the temperature in consistent throughout the seasons. If specified and installed correctly, Ground Source Heat Pumps provide a very efficient source of inexhaustible, low-cost heat energy all year round.

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