Recent Jobs

Air source heat pump installation in Appleton Whisk

The customer was desperate to see the back of his LPG system and the rising costs. We sized up and designed the system, a 7KW LG Monobloc Unit was required with a 170L hot water Cylinder along with a 25L buffer and 7 new radiators.

Owton Manor Lane Project

The property had an extension built joining two bungalows together. We installed nearly a mile of underfloor heating pipework throughout the property, with 16kw 3 phase LG monobloc air source heat pump and a 300L unvented heat pump cylinder.

Daikin Heat Pump & Cylinder
Installation in Hartlepool

In Hartlepool, we installed a Daikin heat pump and cylinder. 


Heat Pump with Underfloor Heating in North Yorkshire Moors

LG heat pump installation with underfloor heating in North Yorkshire Moors.