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Water Source Heat Pump

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What Is a Water Source Heat Pump?

A water source heat pump is able to transfer heat from a body of water to provide an effective heating system in any property. In use since the late 1940s, the water source heat pump is still more efficient than any other heating technology that’s currently available.

Working in a similar way to both air and ground source heat pumps, water source heat pumps take advantage of the consistency in water temperature as an exchange medium for heat extraction.

Using a network of flexible pipework that’s submerged in a nearby water source, such as a river, lake or stream, the water source heat pump extracts heat from the water loop. Depending on the type of heat pump, a special refrigerant fluid is pumped through the network of pipes, absorbing the heat from the water which is transferred to the unit to provide an effective source of heat. Easily installed and requiring less maintenance, this is an efficient, reliable and cost effective option.

Taking two kilowatts of free heat from the water and just one kilowatt of electricity to produce three kilowatts of heat, you’ll find that running costs are low. Even in the coldest winter, water source heat pumps are highly efficient and are up to 600% better when compared with the 175% to 250% efficiency of air-source heat pumps.

Whether you are looking for a water source heat pump system to install in your home or business, Blackwood Heating Ltd are at your service.

The Benefits of A Water Source Heat Pump


Water source heat pumps are highly efficient with low running costs. For every unit of electricity used to operate them, you’ll gain between two and four units of heat.


Dependent upon which heating system you replace, a water source heat pump could save you up to £2,000 a year. 


As all the pipework in the water source heat pump system is submerged within the body of water, there is minimal visual impact on the property.

How Do Water Source Heat Pumps Work?


Using a network of flexible pipework that’s submerged in a nearby body of water, the efficient water source heat pump units extract heat from the water loop to supply the property.


During cold weather, the high performing water source heat pump employs the unit’s refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger to transfer heat into the central heating system.


When a lot more heat is needed to warm up the building through prolonged cold weather, the units operate in heating mode. An energy-efficient fluid heater can be installed in the loop to assist the heating process.

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